Welcome to the Expert in Me Coaching program 
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Every week  for the next 12 weeks you'll receive a new lesson from me. 

There will be a lot of information within each lesson, some stuff 

you may already know - most you probably won't. 

What I'll be doing is taking you from a standing start, to building an Expert Empire 

The Coaching program will be in three phases 

Phase 1 : Unveiling the Expert in Me

1.  Introduction to the Expert in Me Coaching

Phase 2 : Product Creation

1.Targeting your Niche

2.Narrow and Test your Niche

3.Researching and Serializing your content

4.Product Creation - free, lead product, backend - upsell

5.Packaging and Presentation 

Phase 3 : Your Marketing Strategy

1.Create a high profile for yourself as an Expert

2.Create a winning web and marketing strategy

3.Architect your sales conversion process

4.Create Multiple streams of income

5.Product Launch - joint venture, affiliates, adverts etc 

6.  High Productivity Training to master Persuasion, Influence, Time and Body for vibrancy and energy 

Okay, so let's waste no more time. 

Click on the links below to download  the different modules of the Expert In me Coaching program the password for the download is MoneyTree the password is case sensitive it might be better to copy and paste

 Link to register for the 10weeks coaching to build a virtual estate earning $100-$250 daily by my Internet Business Mentor - Rob Evans  http://internetbusinessmentor.co.uk/mentor/welcome4593298.html

Remember you have direct access to me for the next 6months via email at MybusinessCoach@live.com I will personally review and reply your email

Feel free to drop me an email if there is anything you need to clarify or do not understand

I look forward to working with you as your Coach as we start the journey towards Financial Freedom, Location Freedom, Time Freedom and Inner Freedom 

Remember to Please fill in your personal details inside the form to complete your registration  

To your success, 


 Expert In Me Coaching Program


Financial Freedom, Location Freedom,Time Freedom and Inner Freedom

Please Fill in your personal details to complete your registration